Saturday, June 6, 2015

Looking for a Pistol Formation playbook you can use at the youth level?

Looking for a Pistol Formation playbook you can use at the youth level?

The Pistol Formation Playbook is Designed for Youth Football

  • The Advantages of the Pistol Formation:
  • A great downhill running game that hits the hole fast
  • Using the QB as a runner adds an extra blocker
  • Easy to teach with simple blocking rules
  • Multiple formations keep the defense off-balance
  • Easy to incorporate with other offenses to use as a package
  • Kids will love running the offense
T Formation

Implementing the Pistol Formation at the Youth Level
You probably seen the Pistol Formation on TV and wanted to run it at the youth level. The Pistol Formation incorporates many elements of the I, Single Wing, Wing T, and T formations so if you are familiar with those offenses it easy to install. The majority of the plays do not use the Zone Read so can still install the offense without mastering the zone read techniques. The playbook uses a simple Gap blocking system so you do not have to use a Zone Blocking scheme which is difficult to install at the youth level. Use the playbook as a complete offense or as a package with your existing offense.

Pistol Offense
The Youth Version of the Pistol Offense
pistol fomation pistol fomation
  • The Pistol Formation Playbook:
  • 76 fully diagrammed plays in color
  • A series based offense, not just a collection of plays
  • How the read option works and how to run it
  • Blocking rules and techniques for the Pistol Offense
  • Complimentry pass plays and counters
  • Plays that don’t require the read option to get started
  • Five Pistol formatations utilizing 1, 2, or 3 back sets

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